Rotary Coal Dumper


The rotary car dumpers have been around for decades, dating to back to at least the 1950's if not earlier.

So if you are modeling the transition era on your layout, a rotary coal dumper is perfect for that time era

all the way up to present time. One nice feature is our coal dumper can be installed into your layout top without

 having to have it raised about the layout and use trestle, or if you prefer that look you can  install it into

 a hill and use trestles leading up to and away from it. It's your choice.

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(Dumper orders are built to order and take between 3-4 weeks for delivery) 

Here is a real dumper made by the Heyl & Patterson Co. of Pittsburgh at a coal power plant in PA



Below are some dimensions to help plan for the dumper fitting into your layout.


Inserts into opening cut into layout top. (Top flange that sits on top of plywood is 12x16" )

Includes cover pieces that have safety railing holes for installing included railing and brass pipe stanchions that go around dumper.

Here is a video of it in operation at the Eastern Division TCA York Meet


Here are two videos by one of our customers, Robert C., of his initial thoughts after receiving his coal dumper and also after installation on his layout.



3 Rail version

also available in 2 rail


Our rotary coal dumper is made from aluminum, just like our other products. One button operation. Built in safeguards to prevent accidents . Comes with LED light that

lets operator know when you are good to go with car position to rotate car.

Unlike other rotary dumpers on the market, our dumper can be used with all the manufacturer’s rotary coupler cars (Altas O, MTH & Lionel) including mixed manufacturers cars in a single train.

We also designed the rotary dumper to work with scale sized coal, without jamming .  Our rotary coal dumper can be used as a stand alone unit or will work in conjunction

with our auto indexing sled which will be coming in the future. 

Best of all it is made right here in the USA!


Millhouse River Studio will be adding four new coal industry operating accessories to our line of products.

Next item to be added will be:

1.) Coal Flood loader, so you can load your cars.

2.) Car sled, to be used to auto index cars though rotary Dumper.

3.) Working conveyors, to move material around.