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Transfer Tables

Available in wood Decking & cab

or our modern Diamond Plate decking and Riveted cab $100 upgrade

3 Rail Transfer Table

Auto Indexed 28" -  3 Rail Transfer Table - Shipping is $140 East of Rockies or  $175 West of Rockies
Available Finish & Options in drop down list below

2 Rail Transfer Table

Auto Indexed 28" -  2 Rail Transfer Table

Available Finish & Options in drop down list below



Optional Accessories for Transfer table

Bridge & cab Super Detail Parts Pack :  $30 O scale   $25 S scale

Made of resin

Includes: Drum controller & Brake lever for inside control cab

Locking levers for bridge deck

Tool Chest for bridge deck

Sand bin that hangs on railing wire at end of bridge for sanding rail

photo below shows our details in the cab


Select desired Scale


If you wish to control our indexing system with Cab1/ Legacy Cab 2 remotes or the iPad App

You will need to purchase a TMCC Indexer interface Board.

(Plugs into Lionel Cab 1 or Legacy command base via DB-9 port)  Allows operation of Turntable or Transfer table with indexing to operate by Lionel remote


Here is the link to our instruction page for hooking up the TMCC indexer interface board to our system and the operating commands





Additional Optional Items for use with indexer ( Faceplate & Power adapters are included with indexer purchase with new turntable or transfer table orders)
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Available building Kit for our Indexing Keypads to place around Transfer table 

(removable roof hides keypad beneath )

Photo on customers layout with our PRR turntable & layout built by TW Trainworx

Kit $179.00 + shipping

The box dimensions for the kit is 16 x 16 x 3 and weighs 2lbs.

The instruction manual can be found online here;


Assembled / painted and comes with lighting $ 497.00 + shipping

Kit or Built w/lighting and keypad type