Below are some photos & videos of our turntables on our customers layouts

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 Lansdale, PA - 34" 3R PRR Turntable

34" PRR 3R turntable - Adam O. in Australia

28" 2R Turntable - David E. - Jarrettsville, MD

28" 3R Transfer Table - Eric N. - West Seneca, NY


34" Standard Gauge Turntable installed by TW Trainworx on custom built layout

34" 3R Standard Arch Turntable

Richard R. - 24” S scale Turntable - Chillicothe, OH  (Layout built by TW Trainworx)

34" PRR 3R Turntable installed in custom layout by TW Tranworx


Andy C's - 24" 3R PRR Turntable - Wantagh, NY


Bob M. - 30" 2R Standard weathered Turntable - Ridgway CO

" Hi Alan, I thought you’d enjoy seeing the attached photo of the turntable installed on my layout with the 3600 taking a spin. 

I just finished adding the bridge details the other day.  Of course there is still much to do in the yard area as far as track weathering,

ballast,  details ,etc.  So far the backdrop is just sky but more to be done with that also in the future. 

Thanks for making such a great product for us O scalers.  I will probably be calling you to order the cab detail set soon. Bob"

Harold & Brent R. - 34" 3R Standard Turntable - Peoria IL

41 Tracks !

Robert R. - 34" 3R PRR Turntable - Quebec, CA

Craig G. - 34" 3R PRR turntable


Drew's Layout - 34" 3R turntable



Mike L. - 28" 2R turntable & Transfer Table - NASHVILLE, TN

Daniel K.'s   24" 3R turntable - Lansing, IL


Charles L. - 28" 3R Standard Turntable - Owensborro, KY


Bob K. - 30" 3R PRR turntable on the Pennsylvania & Western Railroad

Bob & Doug K. - 34" 3R turntable - Moreno Valley, CA

 Also shown in the photos is a Brennan Model Railroad 7 stall roundhouse 

Darren C. - 34" 3R turntable -  Beaver, PA

Bob S. - 34"  2R Turntable with auto indexing (shown with 12 stall Altoona Model Works Roundhouse)

Martinsburg, PA

Matt M. - 34" 3R turntable - North Saint Paul, MN

Jim R. - 34" 3R Turntable - Merrillville, IN  (41 tracks )

Brian Inch of used two of our turntables ( 24" & 28") on the Big Mountain Railroad layout he constructed

Michael A. - 24" 3R turntable - Glen Cove, NY

"Your turntable is replacing an Atlas turntable which just cannot handle a heavy engine. Looking forward to your product. Thanks, Michael"

Doug S. - 34" 3R Turntable - Greensburg, IN

" Alan, Please note the enclosed attachments as they are of my new Millhouse River turntable installed.

The locomotive on the bridge is a Lionel EM1. It fits nicely and the turntable works great, well worth the money. Thanks for the nice piece of equipment..........Doug"  

Lou S. - 28" 3R turntable - Wheatfield, New York

Gary N. - 34" 3R turntable - Auburndale, FL

Peter C. - 28” 3R turntable - Millstone Township, NJ

Quote on OGR forum  -  "Bought  mine this past part of my layout and the focal point of every visitor to my train room.  You will enjoy it"

Alan A. - 34" 3R turntable - Mountain Home, Arkansas


Dan D.  - 28" 2R turntable - Illinois



William K. - 24" 3R turntable

Here is a 4000 square foot enormous O scale  2R layout 

that is using 2 of our 24" turntables that is being built by

 Scott Anderson of Scale Art Model Services

Quote by Scott Anderson  " The finest O scale turntables you will find!  We have two on the DWP and are very pleased with the look and performance."

photos by Scott Anderson

Customer photos of his 28" TT install and finished turntable photos with video


Here is a video sent to us by our customer, Alex M. from Staten Island, NY of our indexer in action on his layout



Here are some photos of one of our 34" turntables used as an access hatch by our customer




Customer Greg J's 34" Turntable - Greensboro, MD

Customer installed their own hand laid pit pit rail track and deck track

Two of our 28" 2R Turntables will be featured here:


Photos by  Joe Giannovario

Read more about it here:






Customer Eliot S. Video of our turntable in operation on his layout starting at 8:26 in the video of the Lionel Vision Line Genset Switcher






Even the cat likes the turntable  :-)