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Our products are built to order with pride and can take up to 5 weeks from time of order to delivery.

last updated 7/15/2024

Big Summer Turntable Sale!

Limited Time Only.

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Available in G, Standard Gauge, O & S scale Turntables in sizes 24,26,28,30,32 & 34  ( 2 or 3 rail )


Our Products are built to last generations!

Aluminum: Strong, light weight & doesn't warp like wood!

Note: We Do Not Sell our detail brass castings or Bogies as separate sale items except for our pipe railing stanchions

Also if you purchase one of our tables on the secondary market, make sure you get all of the detail castings as all our turntables come with all details

 and we will NOT sell them because the one you purchased second hand didn't come with them.


Satisfied Millhouse Customers in 5 Continents!

  We have customers all across the USA & Canada & Hawaii,  England , Germany, Austria, Norway , S. Korea, Australia, New Zealand & Chile! 



Take a look at what goes into making our turntables


 COMING in 2024 Millhouse's very own Round House & Engine Shed !

Roundhouse will look like the one on our page header

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NEW - Custom engraved gifts and Millhouse promo items available at our ETSY store

Don't need to order on Etsy, if you see something you want, just let us know.

Working on a HO scale table to fit a UP Big Boy!

We know many of you are anxiously awaiting our NEW HO turntable.

We are close to starting production of the turntables.

Our electrical engineer is working through some technical issues with the new HO system.

Thank you for your patience.


We stand behind all our products and are here to serve our customers

We look forward to having you as one of our many customers.

Our products are covered by our one year warranty




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